Superfine Heavy Calcium carbonate activity

Superfine Heavy Calcium carbonate activity

PVC special used calcium is a kind of active superfine heavy Calcium carbonate, and it was developed according to the requirement of PVC industries. The product adopts advanced Wet ultrafine grinding, drying and modification process. The property is great and it is specially Suitable for various PVC products, as PVC Pipe, profile, rolling film, cable etc. product production.

25(kg/bag)stored and transported with inner plastic outer knitting bags and avoid water, or packed according to the requirement of the customers.
[PVC special used calcium with great physical and chemical properties]


Technical parameter

Calcium carbonate(CaCO3) content



Ferric oxide(Fe2O3) content



Silica(SiO2) content



Magnesia(MgO) content









Activation degree



Particle diameter(≤2um)



Surface area



Oil value





[Product advantages]
1. It adopts wet grinding, fine particles without Leng Kok, wear on equipment;
2. Flow, and can be filled in a large proportion of PVC products, the significantly lower production costs;
3. Activated by compound modifiers, dispersion, and the combination of strong base resin, adding a large proportion of cases still maintain the quality of plastic products;
4. Improve product processing property, to mention high mechanical and thermal products property.
[Advanced production method]
    The enterprise developed the PVC special used calcium as the great plastic additives. It marked the domestic super fine heavy calcium carbonate enters promoting stage in PVC plastic industries.
[Excellent use property]
     At present, various PVC plastic construction materials manufacturers takes light calcium carbonate as the filling materials. Although the active light calcium carbonate has great adaptability. For the chain structure, it will have flow difference when filled in for large amount. The processing property and product property will reduce. The PVC special used calcium has great flowing and processing ability for the particle structure under large amount.
[Excellent use property]
    The excellent property of the products can provide large scale cost reductant rate which makes the product enjoy more reputation of the customers. The customers includes various large and middle scale manufacturers of PVC pipe and so on.