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Light calcium powder
Light calcium powder

Light calcium powder can be known as Calcium carbonate 
Light calcium powder, burned Limestone into powder and add water. For Light calcium powder deposit volume is larger than (2.4-2.8mL/g)heavy calcium powder deposit volume (1.1-1.4mL/g), so it can be known as Light calcium powder.

Calcium carbonate chemical formula is CaCO3 ,Calcium carbonate can react with all the strong acid and generates water and relative calcium salt as well as carbon dioxide, Calcium carbonate proportion under water is 8. 7 ×1029, Solubility is 0.0014,Calcium carbonate aqueous solution PH value is 9.5~10.2 , Air saturation Calcium carbonate aqueous solution pH value is 8.0~8.6. Calcium carbonate innocuity, odorless, nonirritant, is white, relative density is 2.7~2.9 . Light Calcium carbonate deposit volume can be: 2.5ml/g above, proportion area can be 5m2/g. Light Calcium carbonate particle is fine and the surface is coarse with high oil absorption rate about 60~90ml/100g
[Light calcium powder powder features]
    a.Imperative shapes.
    b. Narrow grain distribution;
    c. Small grain size.